Forest fertilisation

Amongst other things, we carry out fertilising and spraying flights. Each flight is tailored according to customer needs and requirements in full compliance with current safety regulations. Our own continuous internal training guarantees that the professionalism of our pilots, the maintenance of aircraft and our ground personnel are always best in class.

Forest fertilisation is an important part of forest management

Healthy fertilisation helps restore a forest's nutrient balance thereby improving growth. The healthiest fertilisation is achieved using ash. Burning wood, tree bark, and peat produces thousands and thousands of tons of ash in Finland, which should be used to fertilise forests. The ash is granulated.

We offer a turnkey ash fertilisation service to forest owners, including bringing the ash to the warehouse, spreading it according to instructions, and providing a final report for the customer.

Another important form of forest fertilisation is cultivation fertilisation. In this case the goal is to achieve maximum forest growth which is mainly accelerated with nitrogen and phosphorus. Forest fertilisation is a very profitable investment for forest owners.

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