Pilot training in Orivesi

Welcome to Pirkanmaa

Have you ever dreamed of a career as a pilot? In the past, anyone wanting to become a commercial helicopter pilot had to go all the way to Norway, but that time is now over! Welcome to Pirkanmaa, Orivesi, to learn a new profession, and the noble skill of flying. There is strong demand for concrete skills, so your chances of employment after training look very promising.

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For an international career

We train you to fly a helicopter in accordance with European regulations, which opens up the opportunity for you to have an international career as a pilot. Our flight instructors are experienced professionals and offer the best possible starting point for your career. Many of our instructors have international training and flight experience.

Training 2 times a year

Course instruction starts in the autumn and spring and is of the highest international standard. The language of the professional pilot's theory studies is English, flight training takes place in Finnish and English. Students also have the opportunity to participate in and get to know the working world of aviation.

Private pilot's license training, takes 6-12 months.

Commercial pilot's license training, takes approx. 18 months.

Zero to Hero Pack

In the broadest training package, the student is offered ATPL(H) theory level training, CPL(H) license training, multi-engine type rating for a multi-pilot helicopter with an instrument rating, the so-called Frozen ATPL(H) license.

With this license you can apply for offshore/onshore flying jobs in different parts of the world. These can be e.g. companies offering offshore flights: CHC, Bristow, PHI or onshore: FinnHems, Agro Flight Service, etc.

Work on the horizon!

Agro Flight Service tries to find a job or further education position for every graduating student in its extensive cooperation network.

Commercial pilot training

CPL(H) helicopter commercial pilot and ATPL(H) commercial helicopter pilot license training:

  • Distance theory training CPL(H) or ATPL(H) level
  • Flight training 185 flight hours
  • Modular course
  • PPL(H) private pilot license course
  • NF(H) night flying course
  • CPL(H) commercial pilot's license pouch
  • HESLO 1 external load transport course
  • IR(H) instrument flight course
  • Robinson R44 helicopter type training
  • MCC Cockpit Cooperation Course (Part of the B412 Helicopter Type Course)
  • Bell 412 helicopter type training
  • Course duration 12-24 months
  • Training helicopter Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44 and Bell 412 and Bell 412 Full Flight Simulator
  • Attainable license classes: CPL(H) or CPL(H) including multi-pilot multi-engine helicopter type rating with instrument rating (frozen ATPL(H)).

Price €94,950 – €147,500 (+ VAT 24%)

Private pilot training

  • Distance theory training (at your own pace)
  • Flight training 45 flight hours
  • Course duration 6-12 months
  • Training helicopter Guimbal Cabri G2 (new and modern)

Price €33,830 (+ VAT 24% if applicable)

Courses and training


  • PPL(H)
  • CPL(H)
  • NF(H)
  • HESLO1
  • IR(H)
  • MCC(H)
  • B412

Type training:

  • Guimbal Capri G2
  • Robinson R44
  • Airbus AS350/H125
  • Bell 412 (single pilot)
  • B412 (multi pilot)
  • PPL(H)
  • CPL(H)
  • ATPL(H) flight tests
  • Renewal of expired qualifications
  • Type-specific refresher training
  • Type-specific inspection flights
  • Helicopter rental

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